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Anemia in ACS patients predicts clinical outcomes
Anemia is an independent risk factor for mortality in patients with acute coronary syndromes and offers incremental predictive value to the widely used GRACE risk score, new research suggests. (Source: MedWire News - Cardiology)

Multivitamin Use: No Effect on Cancers or CVD in Women
Multivitamin use has no influence on the risk of common cancers, cardiovascular disease, or overall mortality, according to a new analysis of more than 160 000 women participating in the Women's Health Initiative clinical trials. Heartwire (Source: Medscape Cardiology Headlines)

Sympathetic system overactive in diastolic dysfunction
The sympathetic nervous system is overactive not only in hypertension but also in left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, scientists have demonstrated for the first time. (Source: MedWire News - Hypertension)

can be eaten as part of a balanced diet (Source: BHF National News)

Some of the People, Some of the Time: Susceptibility to Acute Rheumatic Fever.
Authors: Bryant PA, Robins-Browne R, Carapetis JR, Curtis N Acute rheumatic fever is a major cause of heart disease in large parts of the world, but it remains unknown why only a small fraction of those who are infected with rheumatogenic group A streptococci develop an abnormal immune response that leads to acute rheumatic fever. An understanding of the mechanisms underlying host susceptibility can provide important insights into pathogenesis that in turn can inform new treatments. Extensive searches for susceptibility factors have been undertaken, including human leukocyte antigens, B-cell alloantigens, and cytokine genes. Although significant associations have been found between genetic factors and acute rheumatic fever, study results often conflict with each other. This review explain your questions.

ABPM monitoring important mortality predictor in elderly Type 2 diabetics
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring data add significantly to the prediction of all-cause mortality in elderly patients with Type 2 diabetes. (Source: MedWire News - Hypertension)

Clinical experiences of patients with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
We report the clinical features, treatment, and follow-up of 16 children with this diagnosis, emphasizing the potentially fatal nature of the disease. (Source: Cardiology in the Young)

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Are Modern Myths Preventing Appropriate Use?
(Source: Journal of the American College of Cardiology)

Acute Heart Failure Syndromes
Heart failure resulting in hospitalization represents a significant and growing health care burden. Heterogeneity characterizes this group in terms of mode of presentation, pathophysiology, and prognosis. The vast majority of patients symptomatically improve during hospitalization; however, their early post-discharge rehospitalization and mortality rates continue to be high. Worsening signs and symptoms, neurohormonal, and renal abnormalities occurring soon after discharge may contribute to these high post-discharge event rates. Currently available assessment modalities combined with recent advances in cardiovascular therapies provide present-day opportunities to improve post-discharge outcomes. Further investigation into pathophysiologic targets and novel approaches to clinical trial desi...

Idiopathic prolonged QTc increases sudden death risk five-fold
Idiopathic prolonged QT interval is strong risk factor for sudden death in the general population and in patients with coronary artery disease, say the authors of a US study. (Source: MedWire News - Cardiology)

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