venerdì 27 febbraio 2009


How Does a Doctor Really Use An Electronic Medical Record?
Most U.S. doctors still use paper records, but the federal stimulus bill aims to change that by introducing big incentives for docs to buy and use electronic medical records. The WSJ’s Andy Jordan is taking a road trip to look at how the stimulus bill could affect communities across the country; here’s some footage he shot in Ohio of a primary-care doc using an electronic system he bought about five years ago. The doc told Jordan that, in all, it cost about $300,000 to make the switch. He likes the way it allows him to have quick access to lots of information, and to call up patient records when he’s out of the office. But another doctor who just joined the practice told Jordan he’s still using paper records, because he thinks the advantages don’t yet outweigh the costs for doctors in solo practice or small groups.

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