lunedì 19 novembre 2007

Sicilia Cuore “The Heart of Sicily”
Homo sum: nihil humani a me alienum puto
Terenzio, Heautontimoroumenos

Sicily is in the heart of Mediterranean sea and during last millenniums has tested his flavours, his taste and his contradictions. In other words his culture and spirit.
This is why Sicily likes and wants to represent the Mediterranean style of live in our century.
A style that has developed, but, at the same time, has preserved his root.
“Sicilia cuore” is an annual meeting that take place in October in Palermo the capital of Sicily (Italy) and it would like to be an occasion to share again the past and the future of Mediterranean countries.
With a large and competent panel of experts we will talk over health topics (especially cardiological), but not only. We would like sometimes to face ethical, social and anthropological subjects.
Therefore every contribution from people of Mediterranean countries and from those who once lived here and now are emigrated are worthwhile and welcome. And our challenge will be to try to represent the problems and the aspect of this Mediterranean style always with respect of origins, believes and knowledge.
This is because we know that, all things considered there, we are hanged by the same wire, the wire of our past shared life.

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